About - Ravianandkamal

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An Eminent Architect and City Planner with more than 3 decades (33 years) experience in Teaching and Practicing' Architecture and Urban Planning. He is foremost interested in making architecture that will positively impact its environment while addressing the specific needs of the people who will ultimately use the buildings. In his international work he brings a sensitivity to place- the cultural context, where he explores contemporary issues against traditional solutions. He was faculty in JNAFA University (formed out of the erstwhile JNTU) School of Planning and Architecture, Hyderabad.

He has been involved in national and international projects supported by international agencies such as the:

  • World Bank,
  • UNCHS,
  • DFID,
  • GTZ.(NowGIZ)

Asan Advisor / Consultant to :

  • GHK International,
  • CDSA (Center for Development Studies and Activities), Pune,
  • EPC (Environmental Planning Collaborative),Ahmedabad,
  • CCBA, Thimphu,Bhutan
  • IPE (Infrastructure Professionals Enterprise),Delhi
  • STEM, Bangalore
  • ICLEI, South Asia

In addition to many urban development authorities, and other local professional firms, he has done work on planning norms and standards for spatial planning, urban land utilization, city / urban development plans, and national urbanization strategy, in Sri Lanka, Bhutan and different places in India.


  • Master of City Planning (M.C.P.) Indian Institute of Technology, (I.I.T.), Kharagpur, India– 1980.

  • Bachelor of Architecture ( B.Arch.) Osmania University, Hyderabad, India -1978.